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What Caused My Clogged Drain?

There are several common causes for a clogged drain including:

  • Hair
  • Miscellaneous debris
  • Soap and shampoo buildup
  • Dirt and mineral buildup
  • Food and other waste

A professional will help you quickly determine the cause of your drainage issues!

Types of Drains

Bathroom Drains

Did you know that many toilet malfunctions can be attributed to clogs? Flushing items such as sanitary napkins, facial tissues, and baby wipes can all contribute to a clogged toilet. At Piper Plumbing, we use the plumbing industry’s best equipment to quickly identify the source of your plumbing issues, whether they are caused by soap, hair, toothpaste, or another residue. And if you ever drop something important down the drain, our plumbers will be happy to help you retrieve your lost possession! 

Floor Drains

Drain cleaning is about more than clearing clogs. A clean drain can also help eliminate foul odors emitting from mold, mildew, and food that is trapped in your drain. If you notice a funny smell coming from your basement, garage, patio, or laundry room, it might be time to give your floor drains the attention they deserve! 

Kitchen Drains

Kitchen drains see some of the most gunk, including food and soap residue. Many people with kitchen drainage issues don’t know that smaller items, such as coffee grounds and grease, can still seriously clog a kitchen drain, even if you own a garbage disposal.  Piper Plumbing will help you get your kitchen drains clean, so you can continue to cook comfortably in one of the most social rooms of the house. 

Piper Plumbing Drain Maintenance

Preventative care is the number one way to prevent nasty clogs and lasting drainage damage. If you suspect your drains may be in need of a little TLC, contact Piper Plumbing to set up a free drain maintenance estimate! 818-760-4573 

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