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Piper Plumbing professionals have combined decades of experience diagnosing and repairing clogged or damaged sewer lines for both residential and commercial properties. Our expert plumbers are trained in sewer line replacement, sewer line repair and sewer line cleaning. If you notice signs such as a gurgling toilet, low toilet water levels, slow draining, a flooded yard or a noticeable sewage backup, it is time to immediately call a plumbing professional for sewer line repair.

What Caused My Sewer Line Damage?

There are plenty of reasons your sewer line may be suffering from unexpected damage. Some of the most common causes of damage, blockage and back-ups include: 

  • Inadequate maintenance
  • Foundation shifts caused by weather, construction or earthquakes
  • Buildup of material such as hair, waste, toilet paper, debris, etc.
  • Damage caused by tree roots disrupting the sewer pipe joints
  • Old age or poor installation

If you suspect you may have sewer line damage, call a plumbing technician immediately. The longer a sewer line problem goes unattended, the higher the chances it will cause costly damage to your foundation and home. 

How We Diagnose Sewer Line Damage or Blockage

Piper Plumbing uses the most advanced sewage line camera technology in the industry to diagnose your clogged, blocked or damaged sewer line. A video camera, or “sewer scope” is a high-tech, non-invasive method to diagnose plumbing issues deep below the surface of your house. 

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